XIPIN focus on 3C digital accessories with original product design and development, pay attention to the economy of product and environmental protection concept, dedicated to provide modern stylish, beautiful and practical, superior 3C digital accessories products for users. XIPIN has more than 400 kinds of products, including power bank, charger, cables, wired headset, bluetooth headset, mobile unit and other 3C digital accessories. There are over 1,100 dealers worldwide, covering more than 150 countries and benefiting hundreds of millions of users.

Brand Overview

XIPIN brand originates from a kind of spirit---that craftsman spirit who diligently strive after original products. Base on users, learn from consumers, with users demand as the orientation, design and develop the competitive product that the user wants to have. XIPIN brand founder Mr. Brown studied abroad in the United States early years, he engaged in the research and development of intelligent hardware in Silicon valley famous company, and has been accumulated lots of R&d experience and advanced design concept for intelligent hardware. In 2010, Mr. Bowen back to China and create XIPIN brand, he acted as chief designer, and set up headquarters of product development and brand operation in city of design---SHENZHEN.

Under the guidance of Mr. BOWEN's advanced design concept, XIPIN on the basis of power bank, it has been developed LIGHTHOUSE series, LC series, X7 series and so on, becoming a dark horse of 3C digital accessories market in China. Nowadays, XIPIN through the construction of a complete series of product systems, building a global marketing network that combining domestic and international trade, developing into a very competitive brand in 3C digital accessories industry of China.

Brand competitiveness

XIPIN brand founder Mr. Bowen proposed development ideas that “learn from users”, professional hardware development team to be dominant, and product design and development as main part, focus on the product and build the boutique. The brand concept of “take product r&d innovation as the core”, becoming core competitiveness of XIPIN brand. Driven by the Internet economy, XIPIN product design and development continuous iteration, building a perfect Internet big data analysis system, collecting and grasping user demands accurately, learn from users, keep making high-quality goods, built a vertical depth mode from design to production, “design is dominant, control production”, Successfully complete the business model layout that production factory self-control, product r&d design independently, global diversified marketing channels.

Brand vision

XIPIN brand is in high speed developing, it is further improving the economy and environmental protection of its products, dedicated to make beautiful and practical, environment-friendly 3C digital accessories products, let hundreds of millions of users enjoy the safe, convenient and environmentally friendly experience that brought by technological progress, becoming the first choice of 3C digital accessories brand for hundreds of millions of users.


Brand Image